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Colon Cleanse Wizard - All Shall Pass!

Using natural colon cleanse program is a popular way to help remove the toxins from the body and restore balance. [...]

Today, the awareness of life-threatening and life-altering health conditions has led people to search effective ways to improve their own [...]

Cleanses : How to Make Your Own Natural Colon Cleanser Natural colon cleanse is the safest method to remove accumulated [...]

Exercises You Can Do As Part Of A Natural Colon Cleanse Program

advantage of colon cleansingTo get a natural colon cleanse program that you can stick with, make sure that you already have the ingredients and products that you need. Then, make sure you are able to follow the plan given to you so that you will get the maximum benefits from it. Now, aside from the food that you must eat, there are some special exercises that you can do to help your colon be cleansed out better.

Sitting Down Then Standing Up , Repeat

 The Chinese believe that a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy that is why they suggest that people who are undergoing a cleansing program follow it up with a simple exercise anyone can do. Find a chair and with both feet beside each other. Stand up with your arms stretched out in front of you. Then breathe in deeply and then sit down again. Breathe out. Then repeat. If you can do this around twenty times over a period of an hour, you will be helping your colons get to work and think that you are actually busy and active.

What Is Natural Colon Cleansing? (Colon Hydrotherapy) from colon hydrotherapy on Vimeo.

Jumping Jacks To Keep You Active

 Remember what our physical educations teacher made us do before? Jumping jacks? Yes, they are very helpful for getting your colons worked up and cleansed out. Do standing jumping jacks between 50 to 100 times a day so that you will remain active and strong. Your diet will also help you keep that vigour of yours and help with your gut health. This activity is best done by yourself or if you are comfortable, you can always have a friend help you out and make these activities really enjoyable for the both of you. Remember to drink plenty of water in between any physical activities so that you do not get dehydrated.




Reach For Your Toes Then Reach For The Sky

Another exercise you can easily do whether you are in the office or in your bedroom is the following: while seated on the floor, straighten your legs and try to reach your toes as far as you can. Then hold on to that position for a few seconds then straighten your back up and point your arms up to the sky. Make sure to breathe properly through your nose the whole time you are doing these exercises. Repeat this simple exercise at least twice a day, preferably when you wake up and before you sleep. These exercises make a perfect match to the natural colon cleanse program that you are given.

Best Ways To Get A Natural Colon Cleanse Therapy To Work For You

advantage of colon cleansingOne of the biggest obstacles that people face when they go in and get a natural colon cleanse program is that they lack the discipline to follow it through. When you are given a program by your homeopathy doctor, it is best to follow it to the dot so that you will be able to experience the maximum benefits of it. The following are some ways you can get the colon cleansing therapy to work for you.

Make A Journal Entry

One way to make sure that you are following your natural colon cleanse program is to get a journal and jot down notes every time you make progress or you follow the directions. It may take a while before you get the hang of it and even find it boring with all the repetitions you have to do but keep in mind that a healthy colon equals a healthy mind and body. That alone should be enough motivation for you or anyone to get up and really change their lifestyles. Most doctors recommend that you change your diet entirely in order for the results to show up faster. This may be hard for some people to do cold turkey so maybe you can slowly take out processed foods from your diet one at a time.

Natural Colon Cleanse from jacke sudy on Vimeo.



Reward Yourself

Each time you follow a guideline on the natural colon cleanse program, you can reward yourself with little treats such as bath time using your favourite bubble bath or a massage. By doing simple things at first to get the routine going, you can be assured that you will be able to follow it through and see the results in a few short weeks. When you reward yourself, make sure that it is not something that you will regret later on like a box of chocolates or a big bottle of caffeinated soda. Remember that you are in the program because you want to change your life for the better and you want to live longer with a healthier lifestyle.





Learning More About Your Program

If you want to learn more about your specific program or wish to share it with other people, there are a lot of resources online such as blogs and forums that you can join and take part in conversations and debates with other people who are going through the same with you. Once you get a support group going, then there is no turning back and you can actually pat yourself now because living a healthy lifestyle is definitely the best way to live a life.